• アーネスト・ルワムキョ在京ルワンダ大使との懇談会
    • 11th Country―Study Meeting with His Excellency Mr. E. RWAMUCYO, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Japan

      The Society held its 11th Country-Study meeting on 22th November at the International House in Tokyo, with the presence of H.E. Mr. E.Rwamucyo, Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Japan. (Number of attendants: 20 persons)

      The ambassador made his presentation as follows:
      Rwanda has had a good relationship with Japan, and this month President Kagame met Prime Minister of Japan Mr Kishida held bilateral talks in Indonesia、taking the opportunity of Mr. Kishida’s visit to Indonesia to attend the G20 Heads of States Conference.

      Rwanda’s per capita GNI reached 870 U.S dollars recently, and it has become the second fastest growing economy in Africa. It has made efforts for the improvement of the welfare of the people and has tried to change the structure of its economy from the agriculture-led one to the service-and industry oriented one, aiming at achieving growth with less risk in a business-friendly environment. Rwanda is a member of the East African Community, COMESA and the Commonwealth. It has simplified the procedures to start business in the country. It also tries to ease measures such as simplifying business procedures, welcoming foreigners to start up business or to invest in the country. In the field of education, the Government has promoted higher education in the country and now about 30 per cent of the population do speak languages spoken in the western nations. 70 percent of its population is under 30 years of age.

      In the field of business, efforts to promote start-up, link up and technological innovation have been made. As a result of its efforts for structural change of its economy, now 28% of its population are in the agricultural sector, while 17 % are in the industry and 48% are in the service sector.

      The bilateral relationship between Rwanda and Japan dates back to the 1960s and it is well known that Mr. Masaya Hattori served in Rwanda as the Governor of the Central Bank of Rwanda from 1965 to 1971 and consolidated the foundation of its national financial management. Youths from Japan came to Rwanda under the scheme of JOCV, and many of them contributed to different aspects of welfare and livelihood, for example development of sports, agriculture and teaching in the country. Japan’s bilateral assistance to Rwanda was extended to many fields of development such as water resource development, nutrition, fundamental education, agricultural development, electric power development and other areas. Japan has also assisted Rwanda in the fields of health, including measures to contain COVID19. Apart from such bilateral efforts, Japan’s assistance to Rwanda through multilateral organizations has also been done, and the two countries have already built productive and strategic partnership.

      The questions and comments raised by the participants from member companies are as follows;

      (1) What was the voting attitude of Rwanda at the U.N.General Assembly when the debate for the adoption of the resolution on Russia’s military attack on Ukraine was done?
      (2) Has Rwanda’s situation of food supply been badly affected by the recent situation in Ukraine, since it has so far imported food from Ukraine?
      (3) In order to solve such a question of irregular supply of food and other goods related to agriculture, promotion of regional trade seems to be more enhanced. What is the view of your Excellency on this matter?
      (4) The security situation in the western regions in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been unstable, and this seems to have given Rwanda undesirable effects. What is the position of Rwanda against the situation?
      (5) Rwanda so far has achieved development in the fields of agriculture, industry and other areas utilizing data analysis and is still aiming at more development through IT development. What have been the major reasons for Rwanda to decide to choose such a way of development?








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