• カーメル駐日エジプト・アラブ共和国大使との懇談会
    • Country-Study Meeting with H.E. Mr. Ayman Aly Kamel
      Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Japan

      The Society held its 9th Country-Study meeting on 7th December at the International House in Tokyo, with the presence of H.E. Mr.Ayman Aly Kamel, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Japan. (Number of attendants;18 persons.)

      The ambassador made his presentation as follows;
      Japan was the first country which initiated a cooperation platform specifically aimed at African nations and their development. This TICAD conference is the corner stone of Japan’s relation with the African continent.
      The relationship between Egypt and Japan dates back to the 19th century (in 1864) when a Japanese delegation landed in Egypt on its way to France.
      Since then both nations exchanged in 1950’s diplomatic representation,they
      kept good relationship with each other. In 2015 The Former Prime Minister Abe visited Egypt, and last year on 2 occasions President Sisi visited Japan, first to attend G20 Summit Osaka , then at the time of TICAD7. Egypt worked with Japan to coordinate Yokohama conference as the chairman of the African Union.

      In the political field, since the constitutional reforms adopted after 2011, uprising the nation went through various changes and it has shown stable political development by establishing two chambers of the parliament.
      Egypt held successfully it’s membership of a non permanent seat in the U.N.
      Security Council and has hosted actively several international conferences
      such as the heads of states conference of EU/Arab nations.

      In the field of economic development, economic reform which puts importance
      on the process of industrialization is being practiced. In 2017 the New
      Investment Law was enacted. Various new projects have been started, which
      includes the project to build a new administrative capital city 45 km away
      from the present capital Cairo. After the economic reform new projects were
      done, and as the result of these efforts, the economic growth rate of the nation
      was 5.7% in 2019. This year, under the unfavorable effects of the COVID 19,
      the economic growth will reach 3.5% (IMF) in 2020 and it has become one of
      the 18 nations which attained growth this year all over the world.
      In various fields, economic reform efforts have been practiced and there is
      even an estimate that Egypt will become the world’s 8th economic power in
      2030. Trade also show much progress and the situation of trade deficit has
      shown better results. The present amount of Foreign Currency Reserve
      amounts to over 38billion U.S.dollars.

      There are at least 10 reasons why Egypt is suitable for investment by foreign
      nations, which are as follows;
      (1) Sound security situation, (2) large domestic market (population is 
      approximately 100 million), (3) availability of high quality human resources ( there are 72 universities nationwide and the availability of highly trained personnel such as medical doctors and engineers is high), (4) the number of nationals who can communicate in foreign languages is high (many Egyptians speak English, French and other foreign languages), (5) availability of
      qualified labor force with rather low cost (due to the inexpensive consumer prices, (6)existence of mature business environment (a lot of a sound banking system, insurance companies and legal companies are operating in the country), (7) developed infrastructure, (8) energy resources are available, (9) legal system is developed to enhance investment, and (10) Egypt is party to various economic treaties including African Free Trade Zone making it gateway for middle east and Africa.

      Egypt enjoys good bilateral relationship with Japan, and JICA, JETRO, JBIC have been actively in operation. JICA puts much importance in the field of education and Egypt established 200 schools which introduce Japanese way of education,TOKKATSU. A joint project with Japan is GEM (Grand Egyptian Museum), a new museum which will be the biggest one with whole world hosting a single civilization. Also the conservation center includes training of management, ways to preserve and repair historic ruins and items. Construction of infrastructure such as bridges also has been done by Japan.

      Lastly on the relationship between Egypt and other African nations, it has so far helped them in terms of technical cooperation and by other means since the days of President Nasser. By so doing it has shared its experience for the reference of the other countries in Africa. In the political field, Cairo is the home of AU’s Centre (AUCPCRD) for post conflict solution and development.

      Another issue is Egypt’s position regarding the dam (GERD) grand
      renaissance Dam which was constructed in the upstream of the Nile by Ethiopia. The use of this dam could influence the downstream countries
      Egypt and the Sudan. The Government of Egypt has tried to solve this issue with Ethiopia but without any result on the Ethiopian side regarding the legal and technical aspects.

      The questions and comments raised by the member companies are as follows;
      (1) On the issue of the dam on the Nile constructed by Ethiopia, we recall the case of the dam on the Mekong River in Asia, which similarly involved interests of several countries. So can we understand that Egypt will continue to solve the issue? (2) Is the Government trying to encourage domestic manufacturing of vehicles in the country, or the policy is to enhance import of vehicles from foreign countries? (3) explanation is sought about the situation and policy of development of energy resources, (4) this year due to the COVID 19, there was no specific plan for the promotion of business between the two countries. Is there any plan to promote business relationship between Egypt and Japan in 2021?






      1. 国内の治安が良好、2.市場規模が大(約1億の人口)、3.質の高い人的資源が大(国内に72大学が存在し、医師、エンジニアなどの高度な訓練を受けた人材が豊富)、4.外国語を理解する人が多い(英語、仏語他)、5.質の高い人材が比較的安価に得られる(生活費が低廉)、6.銀行、保険、法律事務所等を含む成熟したビジネス環境の存在、7.発達したインフラ、8.エネルギー資源が豊富に存在、9.投資促進に関する法的整備が進んでいる、10.AFTZ(アフリカ大陸自由貿易圏)をはじめとする各種の経済条約に加盟しており、中東とアフリカの入り口となっている、

      同国と日本の2国関係については、従来から良好であり、JICA,JETRO,JBICなどが同国で活発に活動しており、JICAは特に教育に力を入れている。エジプトには日本式の「特活」(TOKKATSU)という教育方法を取り入れた学校が200以上存在している。その他エジプトと日本の共同プロジェクトである「GEM」(Grand Egyptian Museum)は、単独の文明を扱う、世界最大の大きな博物館を新たに建設する計画であり、遺跡や考古学資料の保存と修理法の訓練、マネジメントの技術移転なども含むものであり、現在進行している。この他、病院、橋などの建設も日本により行われた。


      エチオピアが最近ナイル川上流に建設したダム(GERD:Grand Renaissance Dam)についてのエジプトの立場であるが、今後のダムの利用の仕方によっては、下流のスーダンとエジプが影響を受けることが予想される。エジプト政府はこれまでエチオピアと協議して本件を解決すべく努めてきたが、今日にいたるまで、法的な面と技術的な面について、エチオピア側との間に納得しうる合意が形成されてはいない。



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