• エルーミ在京チュニジア大使との懇談会
    • [Economic and business opportunities in Tunisia, host of the TICAD8 Summit]
      10th Country―Study Meeting with His Excellency Mr. Mohamed ELLOUMI, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Japan

      The Society held its 10th Country-Study meeting on 16th June at the International House in Tokyo, with the presence of H.E. Mr. Mohamed Elloumi, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Japan. (Number of attendants: 20 persons)

      The ambassador made his presentation as follows:

      Tunisia has made a unique development by utilizing its privileged geographical location as the hub of the strategic area, at the centre of the Mediterranean ad half way between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Within less than three hours point in order to develop strong partnership and cooperation in business relations with Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In the field of business, Tunisia is a signatory to 52 non–double taxation agreements and 54 bilateral agreements for the promotion and protection of investment. It is the first country in South Mediterranean to sign an FTA with EU in 1995. Out of Tunisia’s total volume of international trade, 63.5% is with the EU. It is also a member of the African Union(AU), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) , and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). and has strong economic and trade relations with African countries. 

      Tunisia’s was the first constitution in the Arab world. Tunisia also was the first country in the Muslim world to officially abolish slavery at the end of the first half of the nineteenth century, between 1841 and 1846. Since independence in 1956, the government of Tunisia made efforts to develop free education and promotion of the right of women, and women were given equal status like men. Now school enrollment is 99% in Tunisia, and the number of universities in the country is more than 200, while the number of professional training centres are more than 1,000. There are more than 65,000 new graduates every year, with high levels of multilingualism. The 35% of those graduates are in the engineering and ICT fields. According to the “Bloomberg Innovation Index, 2020”, the
      -greatest concentration of researchers of science among Arab and African countries is in Tunisia.

      Since establishment of bilateral relationship between Tunisia and Japan in 1956, the two nations have enjoyed good relations as reliable partners, and there have been constant exchange of high-level visits. Mr. Othman Jerandi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, visited Japan in June this year. Joint Bilateral Committees have been constantly held by the two countries, the last one was held in February 2019. Japan. International Cooperation
      Agency (JICA) has also played in important role since its inception in 1977, in various projects. There are 22 Japanese companies which are operational in Tunisia, and have opened 8.000 job opportunities in the country. The Japanese companies in Tunisia operate in the fields of electrical and electronic industries, mechanical, metallic and metallurgical industries, food and agriculture, textile, and others. The number of Tunisian companies operate in Japan is 6. As for the trade between Tunisia and Japan, export from Tunisia to Japan are tuna, olive oil, wine and others, while import by Tunisia from Japan are automobiles, machinery and others.,

      On July 16, 2020, after the discussion on the venue of the coming TICAD8 Summit, the governments of Tunisia and Japan officially and jointly announced the holding of the TICAD 8 Summit in Tunis in 2022. On that day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced that it will be held on 27-28 August in 2022, in Tunisia. Then a Presidential Decree was published in Tunisia on January 31, 2022 creating a National Committee to hold and organize the coming TICAD 8 Summit. And the Head of Government Najla Bouden Romdhane, chaired two meetings of national committees for the organization of the coming TICAD8 Conference. Ms. Bouden called on all ministries, structures and stakeholders to redouble their efforts so that Tunisia is fully prepared to ensure the success of the TICAD8 Summit.
      The questions and comments raised by the participants from member companies are as follows;

      (1) There was an explanation on the status of women in Tunisia that women have equal rights as men. If a woman does the same job as her male counterpart, is the salary she gets as much as the one he gets?
      (2) What are the major fields of the 22 Japanese companies which operate in Tunisia?
      (3) What do you think of the fields which Japanese companies can join and operate in Tunisia in future? Which field of business will be found suitable for them?
      (4) What have been the major fields which Japanese ODA has so far assisted in Tunisia?


      6月16日午後、国際文化会館会議室において、モハメッド・エルーミ駐日チュニジア大使をお迎えして、「TICAD8サミットの開催国であるチュニジアの経済とビジネス機会」と題して、同国の近況、特に経済状況と近く同国で開催される予定のTICAD8 について伺う会を開催しました(会員企業等からの出席者






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